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Booking process

We endeavor to make the booking process as uncomplicated as possible

Offers, Search Results

Are the displayed availability and prices up-to-date and are the displayed boats really bookable online now?
The prices and the availability are up to date, these are updated regularly. The yachts are thus immediately bookable at the indicated price.

What is the meaning of "Do not show yacht anymore" or "wish list"?
In order to make the search results clearer, you can sort out the individual search results or put them on the wish list for later

Booking of the yacht and extras

In case of booking, will this be confirmed immediately or will I have to wait?
For most boats online booking is confirmed immediately. In some cases, however, this is not possible due to the company policy of the provider. Also for some extras/services availability must be checked again before we can finally confirm the booking.

Why is my booking being reviewed, the boat was displayed as "available"?
You probably have booked an extra/service which needs approval, or the provider does not allow direct online booking. We try to keep the waiting time as short as possible.

Additional discounts, vouchers

Will I get an extra discount?
We always try to offer our customers the best possible price. In addition, we also regularly have discounted promotions. To never miss a promotion, please sign up for the discount subscription/newsletter.

How do I redeem the discount code?
Simply enter the discount code in the "redeem discount" field in the shopping cart. The discount will be withdrawn immediately.

I got a Livecharter voucher. How can I redeem the voucher?
Simply enter the coupon code in the "redeem voucher" box in your shopping cart. The new price will be applied immediately.

What is the promocode on my booking confirmation for?
Just pass the promocode on to friends, family or other sailors. These will receive a discount on their next booking. You will be credited miles on your account

Collect and redeem nautical miles

What are nautical miles and how can I collect these nautical miles?
Similar to airlines, you can earn miles with Livecharter every time you book a yacht, or by recommending Livecharter with the promotional code.

When and how can I redeem the miles?
Miles will be credited as soon as the corresponding boat is fully paid. You can redeem these miles on your next booking or continue to collect and redeem the miles later

Payment terms, cancellation

How and when do I pay?
You can transfer the charter amount and if necessary the extras to our account. The terms of payment can be found on the booking confirmation. 50% down payment, 50% final payment 6 weeks before departure. (often the extras and services booked will be charged at check-in at the base)

Can I cancel a booking?
Basically yes, please make a support request


What documents can I get when booking?
Upon booking you will receive a booking confirmation and the terms and conditions of livecharter and the provider. After receiving the final payment, we will send you the link to an online crew list, the base information and possibly a boarding pass (depending on the provider)

What documents does the charter company need from me?
After completing/submitting the online crew list, the charter company still needs a scanned sailing- and radio license. In some countries a scanned passport of the skipper.

Need Help?
We strive to handle all your concerns quickly and competently
Reasons to Book with us
Live availability

With us you can see the current availability of over 5000 charter yachts in the most popular regions, of course worldwide. No waiting for offers, bookable immediately - 24/7!

Live prices and discounts

No list prices, no standard discounts! Book safely for the cheapest price. Including all possible Discounts Of course. Livecharter Nautical miles are on top

Live booking status

Use the functions of the user account. Your booking status is always up to date. All booking information is always available. Easy communication with our support